American Sleep and Breathing Academy

The 4th Annual Sleep and Wellness Conference is the 2nd Largest Dental Sleep Medicine meeting in the U.S. With over 600 attendees expected for the 2018 meeting, its rapid growth is due to a commitment to growing the practice management side of dental sleep medicine for it’s members and the industry.


Friday, April 13th, 2018 – Saturday April 14th 2018

9:30am -6pm

Pacific Time


The Orleans
4500 W. Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103


This Conference will give you the tools to exceed your financial and therapeutic goals. Increase your knowledge and help develop one on one relationships with the most wired in leaders in the field of dental sleep medicine.


ASBA President:  Dr. Kent Smith DDS

Topic: Work with physicians and establish yourself as a dental sleep expert

Bio: Dr. Smith is a Diplomate of both the American Sleep and Breathing Academy and the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr Dave Singh DMD PhD DDSc

Topic: Review of current evidence on physiologic remodeling of the upper airway, specifically with respect to the treatment of SDB,, including OSA

Bio: Dr. Singh is the founder of the field of pneumopedics and cranofacial epigenetics, including epigenetic orthodontics, having realized a few years ago that there is a natural way for the body to remodel the upper airway, reshape bone and move teeth into their correct positions painlessly without the use of surgery or drugs

Why do Conferences Matter?

You must never stop learning. You need to keep an eye on what everyone else is thinking, and you get to see in just a few days who are leading in any given space. Networking is key! Make sure you know who will be there, research them, meet then, collaborate with them.